OSU Theta Pond Ducks & Geese, & Boone Pickens Stadium

Gentry had bridal and engagement shoots in Stillwater Saturday and I never turn down an opportunity to visit my college stomping grounds. While she was working, I took a walk, checked out the stadium progress, found my old percussion instructor and grabbed some shots at Theta Pond.  The ducks and geese were cooperative today and I got some good photos. One goose was a little too aggressive and pecked my jeans a couple of times.

My favorite photo in the set is the black & white of “Blue & Rust.” That sculpture brings back a lot of good memories of good friends. Even though I was a horrible drummer (didn’t apply myself to drumming like I did actual school work), my best memories from college revolved around being in the OSU drumline. Before each game, the drumline would meet in front of that sculpture to warm up.

By the way, hit refresh and my blog’s banner image will change. Refresh enough times and you’ll eventually see the panoramas I made of the inside of Boone Pickens Stadium and the Library/Student Union areas.

Click on each image below to enlarge.

4 thoughts on “OSU Theta Pond Ducks & Geese, & Boone Pickens Stadium”

  1. Boy does that panoramic of the stadium bring back some memories!!!!!!!!!!!! What fun we had back then.
    How fun to be there and to catch up with Wayne? Cool. Nice shoots of the ducks and geese, must be the wifes camera-haha!

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