I’m still here. Sneek peek at upcoming posts!

I have had some emails recently from people wondering if I was still alive. I’ve also had messages from various people needing some technical advice.  Obviously I am still alive. So, over the next few weeks I am going to make a concerted effort to put these emails into a blog entry.  Here are some of the topics I will cover:

1. Assuming you’re running Windows 7, can you complete your system with free applications?

2. Building on question #1, can you run your computer — including the operating system — on 100% free software?

3. Now that Windows 7 has shot past Vista market share (in just six months), I’ll post a high-level review of what made this forgotten operating system such a sore subject for many people. (Update 9-8-10:  Here is that blog entry: http://www.bowlesonline.com/from-vista-to-windows-7-how-did-microsoft-fix-windows/)

3. I got an Apple ipad for work (yes, for work).  What are my thoughts?