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Sony R1 Photos from Cherokee Spur

Gentry and I took a quick trip to the Cherokee Spur Ranch in Afton, OK. This 1,000 acre ranch overlooks Grand Lake and is a start-up business which offers weddings and event services, guided hunting tours, paint ball, skeet shooting, and other City Slicker excursions.  Gen shot this wedding there several months ago. The owners liked her work and hired her to go back and shoot some photos for their website, brochures, etc…   While we were there, I captured some fun photos including this black/yellow grasshopper with a Sony DSC-R1 in macro mode. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like this before. Does anyone know what kind he is? There are also two panoramas of Grand Lake, OK — one during the day and one at sunrise. Each panorama is comprised of four images from the R1 stitched together using Windows Live Photo Gallery. Do you see the sail boat? Do you see The Peninsula Resort (formerly known as Shangri-La) in the background? To see these items you will need to view each image full-size.


8/20/08 Update: In the last panorama there are several cows near the pond. See if you can find them. You will need to view the photo in full size.