Gentry Photography’s New Site is Live!

Gentry’s new website has been on hold for several months while she took some time off to teach.  Now that she is back into photography full-time, I quickly put the finishing touches on her new website and turned it “on.”  (Although, I don’t have a “real” logo.) This is the first major remodel of the successful since 2003 and we had some basic design goals to make it even better:

  1. 100% Flash free.  This is a rarity in the photo business because most portfolio slideshows are Flash driven.  Check out Gentry’s new slideshows.  They are smooth and captivating and you won’t find Flash anywhere.
  2. 100% web based editing. The old website was based on NetObjects Fusion and it was a pain to make simple edits because Fusion was only installed one one computer. This website was created and maintained with WordPress. No NetObjects Fusion. No Adobe Dreamweaver. No software to install on your computer at all.  You may think of WordPress as a blogging only tool, but it also offers great management tools for static pages.
  3. Maintain or improve the high level of search engine friendliness.
  4. Complete Social integration. You can now easily share the site on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn & Twitter.
  5. One of the issues we had with the old site was the home page was too static.  Just like the old site, the new one has three images on the front to represent three different portfolios. Now, when a user goes to the site, he/she will get a random set of images with each visit.  I like to think of this as a slot machines that doesn’t take your money!

Go check out the new site for Gentry Photography (Tulsa, Oklahoma) and let me know what you think.  Feel free to share on your social networks!