Microsoft Image Resizer PowerToy for Windows 7 and Win8

Resize Photos in Windows 7 (and Windows 8 too)

Way back in 2001-2002, Microsoft released a set of free utilities for XP called PowerToys. These were small, very useful programs. One of the best tools in the set was the Image Resizer. Once installed, you could right-click on any photo, click on Resize Image, then select one of the preset sizes or create a custom size. You could resize a single image or in batch within two quick clicks. Additionally, the utility would create copies of your images and not touch your originals. This was the perfect solution for posting photos to the web, sending emails, or any other time you didn’t need the full sized image out of the camera.

Fast forward to the Vista release in 2006, this functionality was not included in the box, and Microsoft didn’t produce new PowerToys. Now, there is an open source clone of the Image Resizer PowerToy that works on Vista and Windows 7. It is identical in nearly every way. If you run Vista or Win7 and need a simple way to resize images or photos check it out.  It doesn’t get easier or simpler than this:

Current “stable” release:


Preview release of next version (I am using this without any issues):

Tip:  Resize multiple photos at once.

After you install this free program, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the photos to resize*
  2. Right-click on any of the selected photos
  3. Select Resize Pictures
  4. Select the size you want, then OK.  Within a few seconds you will have resized copies of your photos.

* Tip: How to select multiple files.

21 thoughts on “Microsoft Image Resizer PowerToy for Windows 7 and Win8”

  1. I found a free online image resizer called QuickResizer Image Resizer. If you are away from your PC and don’t want to download any software, you can just use this online version for free. It’s quick and it’s easy to use.

    You can also download their full version of QuickResizer image resizer if you want to resize multiple files in a folder with just a click of the mouse. It behaves like the image resizer in XP PowerToys, where you just just right-click on an image and resize it from Window Explorer.

  2. DUDE…YOU ROCK! Been looking everywhere for this to replace my old XP version for this new i7system…THANKS!!!

  3. All- I think the comment from John McFee is an ad for his company. The program looks legit but it is more complicated than the free one Joey posted here. Joey where are you you haven’t posted in forever?

  4. I’m back. I have been really busy with work, family, and facebook. 🙂 I have posted several items in the last couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy.

  5. Thank you for the post on the clone resizer. I went from XP to 7 about a month ago and though I like it there have been a LOT of frustrations for me – this being one of them. I just downloaded it and used it and YES, it’s JUST like the one before! Thanks again!

  6. Magic! Just changed to Windows 7 and found your link. Many thanks for posting – it’s one very small and brilliant piece of kit.

  7. Thank you, my husband just bought me a little netbook for Christmas and despite asking for one loaded for XP, I got the Windows 7. Now at least I can use it for photos to upload.
    Thank you,
    Thank you!

  8. Sally, I think you will find Win 7 to be much more enjoyable than XP (unless it’s Win7 Basic). If anything, the instant search makes the upgrade worthwhile. Try typing “word” in the search box. Not only will you get a list of every document and email with the word “word,” but you will also see Microsoft Word listed. Instead of hunting through the start menu, this has become my preferred method for running programs.

    My concern for you is that Netbooks are typically underpowered with Atom processors. If you find your Netbook running slow, try compensating by loading it with the max amount of RAM — typically 4GB.

  9. Well, I installed it on my 8.1 laptop, appeared to install properly, but when bringing up windows expolorer, it doesn’t give me the resize option when I right click on any .jpg file. Un and re-installed it, rebooted, same thing, that option isn’t there. I am using Classic Shell, as I cannot Stand Win 8, is there any chance that this could be interfering with anything? Right clicking brings up everything else I’d expect to be there, but not the option to resize. Any thoughts?

    1. I can tell you that the April 26, 2013 resizer build works very well on Win8.1.1 so my guess is that Classic Shell is indeed interfering.

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