Remove “Getting Started” from the Windows Phone Home Screen

5/20/11 Note:  For those of you still on Windows Mobile 6.5, I highly suggest you look into installing a custom ROM on your phone.   The carriers release these phones and rarely go back and provide updates.  As a result, your operating system is usually VERY out of date. Plus, a custom ROM gives you a “purer” experience without all the junk from the OEM and the carrier.  Even though the Tilt 2 is not my primary phone anymore, I still apply a current ROM on occasion to get the latest version of the 6.5.x code without the HTC and AT&T crapware. 

Of course I recommend you proceed at your own risk.  Anytime you flash a device you could brick it.  Although, I have flashed my Tilt 2 dozens and dozens of times without issue. I recommend the NRG ROMs.  He keeps his ROMs updated and offers various flavors.


October 25, 2009: In last week’s post about my new AT&T Tilt 2, I asked the question if anyone knew how to remove the “Getting Started” item from the Windows Mobile, I mean Windows Phone 6.5 default menu.  There is no menu editor included with my phone (that I can find) so I was stuck with this useless item taking up real estate.  Well, I’ve had MANY hits on this blog entry but no one has posted an answer. After poking through the Windows Phone Marketplace I found a free app called the “Home Screen Customizer.”  This app is simple and does one thing – allows you to customize the home screen menu.  You can remove any item from the menu, but for some reason you can only add certain apps.  Additionally, you can easily rearrange the order of the items in the menu.

By the way, if you like the Autumn theme in the screen shots below, you can download for free in this post.

The following screen shots show the Windows Phone 6.5 menu before and after editing. You can clearly see the “Getting Started” item is present in one shot and missing in the next (ignore the time stamps).

Windows Phone Main Menu BEFORE changesWindows Phone Main Menu AFTER editing.


Below is the interface of the Home Screen Customizer tool. It’s simple and does its intended job well. To remove an item simply tap the “X” – don’t worry you can add it back if needed. The red heart denotes which menu item is highlighted at load time.

Home Screen Customizer Interface


After you customize the menu you can remove the app, or it is small enough to leave in-place. Thanks to these guys for creating this great free app. It is something I was looking for.